Eastern and Central European Business Development Ltd. (ECEBD) is a regional market research company which provides research, consulting and analytical services on the plastics industry in marketing and technical related topics, such as plastic injection molding parts, plastic injection molds, blow molding service, metal and die casting parts, contract manufacturing etc.

We publish commercial and technical information for and about the plastics industry in Eastern- and Central Europe and C. I. S. region. We also offer up-to-date, as well as a wide range of information services and consultancy in our sector. 

We speak the language of the client and have an extensive knowledge about its culture. This enables us to understand the needs and questions up to the highest level, which helps us to provide a high quality of service. 

Since 2008, our service were introduced to plastic molding china companies, tooling companies ,and most of 2% of China manufacturers were used our service.

Our consultants have spent decades in executive positions as technical and marketing professionals of leading regional raw material producers and processing companies in the plastics industry

Our mission is to make the plastics markets in Central and Eastern Europe transparent. We are aiming to facilitate the advance of regional manufacturers and thereby helping the free movement of goods and services. 

It is also our priority to make information available on plastic raw materials and machinery for the plastics (processing) industry within the region in order to improve their competitiveness.

We, plastic molding china companymainly provide our services to:

  • Plastics and petrochemical industry
  • Resin manufacturers
  • Plastic injection molding manufacturing
  • Additive and batch material manufacturers
  • Distributing houses
  • plastic mold making
  • Machine manufacturers
  • custom injection blow molding service
  • Financial institutions