Plastic Injection Molding Products

1. The composition of the injection mold
Although the structures of the molds vary due to different kinds of plastics and their performance, different shapes and structures of the plastic products as well as different types of injection machines, the basic structures of the molds are the same. The injection mold consists of the gating system, the temperature control system, the plastic molded part and the structural component. Among all the parts, the gating system and the molded part are in direct contact with plastics and change due to plastics and the plastic products, which are the most complex parts with greatest changes and are required to have good finishes and high accuracy.

The injection mold is composed of the moving die and the fixed die two parts; the moving die is installed on the moving die plate of the injection molding machine and the fixed die is installed on the fixed die plate of the injection molding machine. The moving die and the fixed die close to form the pouring system and the cavity in the injection molding process; when the mold is opened, the moving die and the fixed die separate so as to remove the plastic product. In order to reduce the tedious mold design and the manufacturing work, the injection mold mostly adopts the standard mold base.

2. Application fields
The injection mold is important technological equipment for manufacturing various industrial products. With the rapid development of plastic industry, the plastic injection molding products are widely used for industrial sectors such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipping and automobiles.

3. Features of plastic injection molding products 
(1) Being lightweight
It is very common to see plastic products in our lives and they are very light and not easy to be corroded. Because the plastic molding products are very light, people adopt plastics for a lot of food packaging. Plastic products are light and convenient, which brings lots of benefit to people.

(2) Good impact resistance
We often see some soft or hard plastic products in our lives and both of them have very good impact resistance, especially the soft plastic products. Stamping on the plastic products or using something to press the plastic products won’t cause any harm to them. Plastic basins and plastic bags are very common to be seen in our daily life.

(3) Good transparency and wear resistance
Speaking of better transparency, plastic bags and food packaging are the first things i think of. They not only have good impact resistance and transparency, but also have beautiful appearance.  Good transparency makes observation of products easy for customers.

(4) Being soluble in solvents
Some plastic products are easy to be melted. If the manufacturers are not satisfied with the finished plastic products, the finished plastic products can be melted and produced again. However, we need to properly recycle the waste plastic products.