Injection Molded Plastic Parts

Our position is quite unique in the consulting business. We combine a strong plastic molded parts and mold technical expertise with strong business savvy. For the purposes of this review, I will concentrate on the plastic injection molds and injectioi molding Technical and Market Research and Analysis portion of our business.

Our Background
HPT was created in 1979 as a direct result of a joint venture between Clopay and a Belgian holding company. HPT was then formed to do the technical marketing for the joint venture. Originally based n Cincinnati, we moved the business to Florida in 1992 when we began our first consulting contract. This was a yearlong project to do a full market study on the hygiene markets in Latin America.

The end result of the Latin American study was a recommendation for our client on what products to make, how to distribute and price them, and who to sell them to. (The company was Ace Films and the product was diaper-backing sheet.) Our study included a full analysis of the competition and the major trends. HPT was then asked to handle marketing for this client in Central and South America. (We then did a similar study for a Korean manufacturer 1988 and 1989. The Korean study was U.S. based.)

Previous and Current Work
Five years ago HPT began industry consulting and lead application analysis for new technologies. All our contracts are covered by Confidential Nondisclosure agreements, but I can tell you the general areas of work:
·Medical Disposables
·Absorbent Plastic molding Parts
·Specialty Resins
·Biodegradable Resins
·Breathable Films and Resins
·Home Health Care
·The Senior Care Market
·Pet Injection molding Products
·Specialty Films

ST Plastics. is known in the Nonwovens and Films and Absorbent Injection Molded Plastic Parts industry as an innovative marketer of raw materials to the medical and hygienic markets, the graphic arts industry, and packaging. Our consulting business has been very specialized and confidential and thus less well known.
In our position as a large seller of films we have regular contact with resin suppliers and other plastic converters. This puts us in an excellent position to interview and visit producers and consumers of products we are researching. We have an excellent network of manufacturers of plastic and web products, and this gives us good ?hands-on? and field experience in the areas that we research. In the medical field we both consult and supply raw materials to this industry. We attend many technical conferences and trade shows to broaden our expertise and exposure.

The type of work we do:

1.Market research- who is buying what and why. This work is done on an industrial level. Most of our work is field interviews and visits. Often we will start with a multi-client report prepared by someone else and then dive much deeper into the specific areas of interest to the client.
2.Field Intelligence – We can visit factories and shows and utilize our existing contacts in the industry and hasten the information gathering process. We will, for example, directly contact hospitals, medical device manufacturers, vendors, technical experts, and processors. We gather samples, technical data and marketing literature and pricing.
3.Act as an ?Enigma? – HPT will gather samples, test data, make inquiries of potential suppliers or acquisition targets, attend conferences, meet prospective vendors, converters, or consultants shielding unwanted exposure from the client.
4. Prototyping – Using our existing contacts in the fabrication arena, we can facilitate the prototyping process
5.Full team members – we participate in the basic ideation sessions, the focus group work, the planning sessions, and we consider ourselves major contributors to the team effort. Our experience in plastics, coatings, the medical fields, acquisitions, profitability, and industrial marketing make our input in planning and execution valuable. We can bring insight into the analysis that my not exist internally.

Our core competencies:

Raw Materials:
1…Adhesives and adhesive coatings
4…Tapes and Labels
6…Medical products
7…Paper coating and converting
8…Diapers and Fem care products
9…Graphic Arts and printing
10…Metallocene resins
11…Breathable films and laminates
12…Rigid packaging
13…Silicone coated films and papers
17…Super Absorbent Polymers and laminates
18…Perforated products
19…Acquisition layers
20…Biodegradable resins
21…Agricultural Films
22…Post consumer scrap recycling

Market competencies

1…Disposable Hygienics
2…Disposable Medical Products
3…Senior-care Marketing
4…Pharmatritionals (Functional Foods)
5…Food Packaging
6…Disposable Gloves
7…Can Liners
8…Biodegradable Products

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