Plastic Injection Molding Products

1. The composition of the injection moldAlthough the structures of the molds vary due to different kinds of plastics and their performance, different shapes and structures of the plastic products as well as different types of injection machines, the basic structures of the molds are the same. The injection mold consists of the gating system, the […]

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Injection Molded Plastic Parts

Our position is quite unique in the consulting business. We combine a strong plastic molded parts and mold technical expertise with strong business savvy. For the purposes of this review, I will concentrate on the plastic injection molds and injectioi molding Technical and Market Research and Analysis portion of our business. Our Background HPT was

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Plastic Injection molding outsourcing to China

Outsourcing plastic injection molds to mold manufacturer China companies have become very commonplace, but it is not always as successful as hoped for. The strategic planning of your offshore outsourcing will make all the difference in your attempt to gain new business and develop new products. When you outsourcing your plastic molds to China mold

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