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Access our annually –in-house- updated and researched database (ChemIT), which includes almost 10,000 plastic converter/processor profiles in the CEE, CIS, Baltics and ME regions focusing on detailed production data of each individual plastics converter/processor.

Up to 85%-90% of different raw material consumptions are covered by the companies listed in the database for the CEE, CIS, Baltics and Turkey regions.
The data in ChemIT reflect the status in years 2008 and 2009, which will be updated in accordance with our annual research schedule on a continuous basis. ECEBD updates plastic converter/processor profiles via its own multi-lingual in-house contact center.

Countries covered

CEE CIS Baltics ME
Albania Belorussia Estonia Turkey
Bosnia-Herzegovina Kazakhstan Latvia  
Bulgaria Moldova Lithuania  
Czech Republic Russia    
Croatia Ukraine    

For Western Europe, Americas, China contact:

ECEBD is proud to offer ChemIT and ChemIT Easy and ChemIT Machinery subscriptions to its customers. While ChemIT subscriptions are tailor cut high –end solutions to the industry, ChemIT Easy and ChemIT Machinery subscriptions are the economic solutions to company’s having less demand for detailed information.
ChemIT Machinery package
is tailored to plastics processing machinery and tooling producers.

ChemIT Easy and ChemIT Machinery subscription packages:

Available data fields

  ChemIT ChemIT Easy ChemIT Machinery
Contact details
Consumed resin
Amount of consumed resin
Applied process type
Supplied industry
End products
Machine age
Source of supplier

Major features of data fields

  ChemIT ChemIT Easy ChemIT Machinery
Off line available in MS Excel
On line available
Regular annual update
Optional update
Resin is linked with end product
On-line purchase
Simple data structure
Available for all companies
On-line access 24/7
Handling individual update requests
Regular automatic update
Download-to-excel feature

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